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Our cakes are deliciously moist, baked fresh to order & we proudly use only the best ingredients like fresh seasonal fruits, pure chocolate and unsalted sweet butter.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite flavour combinations. Please feel free to mix and match…or let’s come up with something unique for your cake!


cake flavours:

  • Dark Chocolate cake filled with layers of Milk Chocolate buttercream
  • Tahitian Vanilla cake with Madagascar vanilla buttercream filling
  • Sweet Lemon cake with layers of fresh raspberry buttercream
  • Toasted Coconut cake filled with layers of lime zest buttercream
  • Roasted Banana nut cake with walnut buttercream filling
  • Moist Spiced Carrot cake with whipped cream cheese frosting
  • Southern Red Velvet cake with layers of toasted pecan buttercream


Novelty cakes are created exclusively for each customer according to your specific needs. Our photos illustrate what we have done in the past, but by no means are these "standard" orders. Each cake is priced according to the size/slices required and the details included. Due to the labour involved in creating a three-dimensional shape, these cakes will start at $4-$5 per slice.

Please inquire with some basic information and we'd be happy to provide you with a price quote for your personalized creation! Here's what we'd love to know:

o        party date?

o        event you're celebrating?

o        how many guests? (adults/kids)

o        do you need dessert-sized slices or smaller slices for a buffet including other items?

o        flavour of cake(s)?

o        colours/theme of party?

o        invitation design?


NoveltyCakes/novcaketeapotivorywmsm.jpg NoveltyCakes/novcaketajmahalrktop1wm.JPG NoveltyCakes/novcakespacerocketjacksonwm.JPG NoveltyCakes/novcakejerseystripedwm.JPG
NoveltyCakes/novcakeipodwhitewm.JPG NoveltyCakes/novcakeguitarelectricwoodgrainwm.JPG NoveltyCakes/novcakeguinnesswm.JPG NoveltyCakes/novcakeglobewithbanner2wm.JPG
NoveltyCakes/novcakefishanders2wm.jpg NoveltyCakes/novcakechinesedresshennawm.jpg NoveltyCakes/novcakebabycravingswm.JPG NoveltyCakes/nov320good1wm.JPG
NoveltyCakes/nov220005wm.JPG NoveltyCakes/normalnovcakehockeystickteamcanad.jpg NoveltyCakes/may25012wm.JPG NoveltyCakes/celcakebaby2.jpg
NoveltyCakes/novcakedinosaurtrexwm.jpg NoveltyCakes/Picture4901.jpg NoveltyCakes/Picture6446.jpg NoveltyCakes/Picture6447.jpg
NoveltyCakes/Picture6448.jpg NoveltyCakes/Picture6450.jpg NoveltyCakes/Picture6451.jpg NoveltyCakes/Picture6453.jpg
NoveltyCakes/Picture6456.jpg NoveltyCakes/Picture6457.jpg NoveltyCakes/Picture6458.jpg NoveltyCakes/fish1.jpg
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