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Our cupcakes are freshly-baked to order in any of our cake flavours, iced with a swirl of matching flavoured/tinted buttercream on top. Feel free to mix and match, or request a specific colour. We'd be glad to!


  • Dark Chocolate cupcakes with swirls of Milk Chocolate buttercream
  • Tahitian Vanilla cupcakes with swirls of Madagascar vanilla buttercream 
  • Sweet Lemon cupcakes with swirls of fresh raspberry buttercream
  • Toasted Coconut cupcakes with swirl of lime zest buttercream
  • Roasted Banana nut cupcakes with swirl of walnut buttercream
  • Moist Spiced Carrot cupcakes with swirls of cream cheese frosting
  • Southern Red Velvet cupcakes with swirls of toasted pecan buttercream

They can also be personalized with a huge variety of decorations like sugar flowers, chocolate initials, edible logos, sugar cut-outs, simple sprinkles or with coloured paper & foil cupcake liners to match your event's theme. Decorations are completely edible and range in price from 25 cents to $2 per cupcake, according to their complexity and materials involved.

The cupcakes come in two sizes: mini cupcakes (about 2 bites) & large cupcakes (about 5 bites). Minimum orders apply for both sizes:

mini cupcake with swirl of buttercream.......................$1.00
large cupcake with swirl of buttercream.....................$2.75


CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-ministangerinefuchsiadots.JPG CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-ladybugswmsmall.jpg CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-hydrangeaspinknoflashwm.JPG CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-boudoir2wm.jpg
CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-bluewithwhitesprikleswm.JPG CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-scrollslatticewm.jpg CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-orangelogos.jpg CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-minivariations.jpg
CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-minisonstandhelenmadepro.jpg CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-miniscakecombo.jpg CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-ivoryroses.jpg CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-butterfliesinpurpleswm.JPG
CupcakeTowers/Picture047.jpg CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-lilachydrangeas2wm.JPG CupcakeTowers/cakeds6.jpg CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-lilacminislyriccake.jpg
CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-springasstwmsm.JPG CupcakeTowers/cupcakes-daisyivorywm.jpg CupcakeTowers/marmaladeblueberries1.JPG CupcakeTowers/nov320goodwm.JPG
CupcakeTowers/Picture046.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture048.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture049.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture050.jpg
CupcakeTowers/Picture051.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture052.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture053.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture054.jpg
CupcakeTowers/Picture055.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture056.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture057.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture058.jpg
CupcakeTowers/Picture059.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture060.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture061.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture062.jpg
CupcakeTowers/Picture063.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture064.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture065.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture066.jpg
CupcakeTowers/Picture067.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture068.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture069.jpg CupcakeTowers/Picture070.jpg

  Yes, we do also rent the large, sturdy cupcake stands as seen in these photos! These elegant displays are often difficult to find in terms of rental options for the average party-planner. Please inquire with Ana for your event date to see if your favourite is available.